The Heavy Duty - HD L-Star Series is a large format CO2 laser system primarily used for cutting acrylic, wood and thin metal, with some engraving applications as well.


Adjustable Table Surface

The unique table system allows the table height to be adjusted in .5”/12mm increments quickly and easily for fast job changeover and maximum flexibility.


High-Precision Servo Drives

The L-Star line uses an advanced, all brushless servo motor drives that are directly connected to the main motion board for faster servo update rates and seamless motion at high speeds.


Remote Pendant

The remote pendant allows for full machine control anywhere around the laser. It provides full color graphics display and easy access to all your job files.


Precision Motion

The L-Star utilizes the highest grade, precision-ground helical rack and pinion drive system, ensuring precise position and smooth motion.


Sealed Metal Tube Laser

The L-Star is available with lasers from 150 watts to 1000 watts.


Solid Steel Construction

The all-welded steel construction of the L-Star is stress relieved and precision machined to make the L-Star a robust and accurate system.


Standard Table Configuration

The L-Star includes down draft fume extraction and adjustable table supports with the ability to choose the best table surface for the job.

The LST5050 is a great entry point system for all small manufacturers. Options include adjustable high load table system equipped with your choice of table surfaces, fume extraction options, and many other features to suit your needs. The L-Star line is also available in fully enclosed models.

Work Area 50″ x 50″/1250 mm x 1250 mm
Available Laser Wattage 35, 90, 170


The LST4896HD system is designed for the small to medium sized manufacturers with large format cutting needs.

Work Area 49″ x 98″ (1220 mm x 2460 mm)   
Available Laser Wattage 90, 170, 250, 450


The LST510HD system is designed for the small to medium sized manufacturers with even larger format cutting needs.

Work Area 62″ x 122″ (1560 mm x 3070 mm)       
Available Laser Wattage 90, 170, 250, 450